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Sampler Box

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  • (12 Servings)
  • Salmon, Tuna Steaks, Mahi Mahi, Corvina, Cod, Hot Smoked Salmon, Cold Smoked Salmon
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Wild Box

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  • (14 Servings)
  • Wild Salmon Burgers, Tuna Steaks, Mahi Mahi, Corvina, Swordfish
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Combo Box

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  • (14 Servings)
  • Salmon, Tuna Steaks, Mahi Mahi, Corvina, Hot Smoked Salmon, Cold Smoked Salmon
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Family Box

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  • (18 Servings)
  • Salmon on Plank, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Tuna Steaks, Wild Salmon Burgers, Hot Smoked Salmon, Cold Smoked Salmon, Corvina
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Wild Teriyaki Salmon Burgers

“We love grilling healthy stuff from vegetables to seafood and tried the Teriyaki Salmon burgers. We loved it and even the kids loved them which is good :) Great healthy grilling new product to our menu.”

— Michelle B.
Wild Tuna Steaks

“I was skeptical to order Tuna steaks since I have never order seafood online before,I was very impressed with the quality and freshness not just from de tuna steaks ,smoked salmon, bacon wrapped scallops and swordfish ,honoring the name gourmet , I am hooked now.”

— Steve
Wild Mahi-Mahi Portions

“Mahi Mahi is my favorite Wild fish, love to use it to make ceviche and some other oven recipes, love my box with some other fish I ordered this time, this is my second order I get from this company and I love it.”

— Max S.
Wild Corvina Portions

 “I finally found one of my favorite fish, Corvina. Not easy to find — it was great, beautiful and delicious. My box came just in time for a family gathering and packaging and presentation was amazing. Love it — thank you!”

— Hugo H.
Wild Swordfish Steaks

“I surprised my husband with a box of swordfish steaks for his birthday, he couldn't be happier that he didn't get a tie this time!  We love the steaks so fresh and yummy!  Next order we will try some of the other delicious products they offer.”

— Sole B.
Bacon Wrapped Scallops On Cedar Plank

“Excellent quality of all products, this is one of my favorites!!”

— Mercedes T.
Bacon Wrapped Scallops On Cedar Plank

“On my BYOB box one of the products I wanted to try was the Bacon Wrapped Scallops, they come on a cedar plank, I grilled them until bacon was crispy and cedar plank burned and is the most delicious snack me a my family had before our main meal, we are hooked ,so our next order we will add more of this product, other stuff delicious too and great presentation of the package, box, and insulated bag.”

— Tony S.
Florida Stone Crabs

“I was skeptical to order from this Company. I am glad I took the leap of faith and ordered. The stone crabs were delicious , so were the tuna steaks ,Swordfish and smoked salmon ,just amazing quality and freshness, we are all in with Gourmet box now.”

— Kathy
Florida Stone Crabs

“Fresh as it gets! Delicious fresh crabs, love the tool set that came with the order...didn't last  — it was gone in minutes! Ready to re order again ;)”

— Mary
Florida Stone Crabs

“If you think going to the best restaurant will get you the best claws, think again. These were as good as they get. Literally from the sea to your table.”

— Jerry Staple
Florida Stone Crabs

“I got my stone crabs delivered and these have been the freshest crabs I have ever had. Just delicious, my 5 lbs bag didn'l last so I will be ready to order again soon!”

— Jon F.