What We Believe:

Fish is one of the healthiest, leanest, more flavorful foods on the planet, and the fresher it is, the better it is. A beautiful, buttery Salmon fillet, fresh from the water and straight into the oven is a heavenly experience. But many people are denied it.

We believe that high-quality seafood shouldn’t be a luxury, and it shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of people that live near water. Sustainable Seafood is something everyone can enjoy, particularly when it’s affordable, and shipped straight to your door.

At Gourmet Seafood Box, we’ve committed ourselves to the idea that every family, around the world, should be able to get fresh from the water seafood, expertly dressed, perfectly portioned and ready for any recipe.

We work with some of the finest fisheries and fishmongers on the planet to secure an excellent product, at an affordable price. Our fillets are flash frozen the day they’re caught to assure the highest possible quality and to set the benchmark for flavor and freshness.

We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for grocery store seafood. And you shouldn’t have to travel, sometimes great distances to find a quality fish market. We bring you the finest selections of all-natural and smoked fish, as frequently as you like, in whatever quantities you desire, shipped securely to your home. There simply isn’t a better way for your family to enjoy the fresh-caught seafood they deserve.

                                       Who We Are:

We’ve been deeply involved in the seafood industry since 2001, both as direct importers as well as wholesale distributors. We’ve seen it all and done it all. So we decided to tackle one of the biggest problems facing the seafood industry; how to deliver truly fresh fish to everyone that wants it, regardless of how far from the water they happen to live.

We decided it was time to set our minds to the task, as well as our extensive network of producers and packers. Gourmet Seafood Box was born.

We know that most people have few options for sustainable seafood, save the grocery store. We’re breaking down that wall and making the choicest seafood selections accessible to everyone.

What Sets Us Apart:

You simply won’t find fresher, more flavorful, more affordable seafood, delivered to your home, anywhere. We pride ourselves on sourcing premium fish directly from their home waters.

We’ve established a rigorous set of quality guidelines that we hold all of our producers and packers to, rules that assure standards far above those held by the industry and the government. When you order fish from Gourmet Seafood Box, you can be certain you’re receiving the finest product available.

But the proof is in the taste, and our fish doesn’t disappoint.